Once in a blue moon.


Sephirot | Lavander Beds | Ward 11 | Plot 28
Materia's Finest Lounge and Tea House


About Us

Welcome to Nocturna, where tranquility reigns supreme. As a drama-free venue, we invite all to bask in the serene ambiance we offer. At Nocturna, exclusivity is not about who you are, but about the shared respect for the harmonious experience we aim to create. We believe in a space where everyone is not only welcomed but cherished. Those who understand our ethos know, here, we follow a simple rule: harmony above all.Nocturna does not have select opening times. Please refer to party finder to see if we are open.

If you have lamorentum. It's highly recommended to connect to our shell to experience Nocturna to its full brilliance.


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